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E1022 Theliora ssa contoller driver download delock goertz kjv interlinear bible hp pavillion sound realtek azalia hd audio alc882 free download amimate mobile wallpapers spiderman cronicas paula deans coconut cream bread pudding recipe 2005 lexus sc430 tail pipe extension methadone interactions and coq10 Intermec E1022 linear scan engine is the ultimate choice for your OEM design and will meet your highest requirements for an extremely competitive price. This module concentrates the exceptional performance of the best-selling ScanPlus 1800 Vista™ into a very compact, industry-standard form factor.

The E1022 can read barcodes up to a distance of 50 cm with an autoadaptive scan rate of up to 270 scan/s. It can read any type of code: poorly printed, damaged, wide, high density. It can be used in any lighting conditions from total darkness to full sunlight.

With no moving parts and no laser diode, the E1022 has a longer life than any laser scanner. Its rugged design means it can withstand 2000G shocks and 50G vibrations and can be used in a wide temperature range.

No need to waste time and money to design a new board - the E1022 has an industry-standard form factor and is available in both decoded and undecoded versions with a large choice of connectors to fit your existing board.

E1022 More

JADAK is an engineering based organization that offers OEM and engineering services for devices like the E1022. To learn more about JADAK, please visit our website at: http://www.jadaktech.com/ or click on one of the links at the top of this page.

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